When it comes to expert help when buying a home it is hard to beat the experience of a Realtor. A lot of people think that the internet can replace the need for a Realtor. I am still not so sure.

All Real Estate is Local

The saying, ‘All real estate is local’ is a time tested adage. When you are house hunting websites like Zillow and Trulia can give you lots of homes to look at online and in your price range. But that is not the whole story.

An experienced Realtor knows local. They know the neighborhoods and the types of neighbors you can expect. They know how close the grocery store is and they especially know the schools.

The truth is that you need someone that you can trust to help guide you along your journey. You need someone with experience and you need someone who wants you to have a good home buying and owning experience.

The Value of a Realtor

The true value of good Realtor is not just helping you find the right home for you. Their value becomes obvious once you start negotiating the purchase contract. Their guidance and advice through the whole purchase process makes it easier on you the buyer.

Once your offer has been accepted, it is time for the home inspection. Most professional Realtors have a few home inspectors they know and trust. Listen to their advice and make your own choices. After the home inspection has been done your Realtor will help guide you through the repair request and finally to the closing.

The trick is to find the right person. If you already know and trust someone who happens to be a Realtor you are all set. If not, ask around. Your friends and associates are the best people to refer a good one. Still no luck? Go to some open houses and talk to the Realtors there. That gives you a chance to see if they are a good fit for you.